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Western Regional Women Award 2015
Western Regional Men Award 2015
Morgan Duffy (UW)
Jake Railton (UO)
CofI Women Team

Downloard the manual here.

Joining the NWCSC

In order to successfully join with the NWCSC, there are only a few steps.

  • Contact the NWCSC Executive Director, Rachel Urban

  • Have the NWCSC add your email address to their mailing list


The NWCSC has one mandatory (virtual) meeting each year in October. This meeting covers all of the steps to register with the league.


One of the most important parts of NWCSC registration is the determination of team dues. For payment, we suggest that if you are requesting a check from your university, allow 4-6 weeks to get the checks authorized by university officials and sent in the mail.

Joining the USCSA (the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association)

Besides registration with the NWCSC, your team will need to register with USCSA. This involves submitting proper paperwork by the USCSA deadline and there are also team dues. 


The dues structure for the USCSA is determined by the number of team disciplines that are at your university. Each university must pay the institutional fee and discipline fees, A discipline is defined as a single-sex sport; therefore female snowboarding is one discipline and female skiing is another discipline. 


For paperwork, you will need to have each athlete complete their Individual Competitor form registration in which you will find on the USCSA website registration page.  The registrar of your university must sign the team eligibility forms. Allow at least 1 week to get the form signed and returned to you. If you have people who join after you submit the paperwork, just have them complete the individual competitor form, and resubmit a copy to the USCSA office.


No athlete can compete in any competition unless these forms are on file with the USCSA. 

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